This pandemic will likely throw off the company's plans. Please wash your hands, stay inside, and social distance.

Who Are We?

OHTC's Mission

OHTC is a Boise-based theater company run exclusively by students. We are a collaborative group of actors, writers, tech, and management dedicated to producing original plays from the ground up. Our team is made up of junior high to early college students: we understand the importance of giving aspiring professionals a creative space they would not typically be afforded at their age. Young artists are consistently underestimated; OHTC aims to change that.

Our Company

The brilliant people who lead and run OHTC

Samuel Gillespie

Julia Porter

Calvin Pineda

Matilda Gaddi

Tacet Bunk

Magnolia Schneider

Lauren Homza

Izabella Bravo

Claire Martin

Bennett Huhn

Managing Director

Artistic Director

Script Supervisor

Stage Manager and Marketing Director

Sound Designer


Public Outreach Director

Casting Director

Costume and Set Designer

Graphic Designer

Alumni: Dana Kenney, Ethan Ellis, Robert McFarlane, Jared Perkins, Keenan Roark